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More Than Words, Extreme


Chord Gitar More Than Words

Intro: G    Cadd9    Am7    C    G

G             Cadd9
-[*]- Saying I love you…

Is not the words

C          D            G
I want to hear from you…

G                     Cadd9      Am7
It’s not that I want you...
not to say

C        D     Em
But if you only knew

D                     G         D/F#      Em
It would be to show me how you feel

Bm           Am7                           G7
More than words is all you have to do

To make it’s real…

Cm                    G
Then you wouldn’t have to say…

Em7         Am7   D7        G
That you love me coz I’d… already know


G                        D/F#
What would you do…

Em        Bm    C
If my heart was torn I two

C           G            Am7
More than words to show you feel

D7                  G
That your love for me is real

G                     D/F#
What would you say?

Em           Bm      C
If I took those words away

C         G                  Am7
Then you couldn’t make things new

D7              G
Just by saying I love you…

Back to -[*]-

G                  Cadd9    Am7
Now that I’ve tried to...
talk to you

C             D     G
& make you understand

G                  Cadd9           Am7
All that you have to do is close your eyes

C             D         Em
& just reach out your hands

& touch me…

D                            G    D/F#   Em
Hold me close don’t ever let me go

Bm            Am7
More than words…

D7         G7                C
Is all I ever needed you to show?

Cm                   G
Then you wouldn’t have to say

Em              Am7     D7   G
That you love me coz I’d… already know

Back to: Bridge

Coda: G  D/F#  FM7 E  Am7
D7  G  Cadd9  Bb  Am  G.


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