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Pathetic, Purgatory


Lirik Lagu Pathetic

Wake up in the morning in the bathroom
on the wet floor… piss on my face
stink like a dog shit… knock with my forehead
cause in my hand there’s a needle and I -[still]- can move it
to the left and right or up and down…it’s stupid fuck
suckin’ on motherfuckin’ drugs
dope spread and struggle inside me
and they’re really screwing me out constantly
I never am sure with my self...
I can’t get better
sellin’ my soul...
I’d losing control...
served the devil shit inside of me
life’s meaningless...
forget the trust and the confidence
in disgrace...
soiled face...
they talk to much shits and everything
just a lies
Here I am...
my friend … garbage can
ready to wear...
ready to use...
ready to suck everydamnthing you own
I’ll bury your ass slowly...
through all your misery
somekind of destiny or starvations GLUTTONY
lotta pain...
lotta bullshit...
lotta game and I’m not ashamed
while you treated me like a lovely friend
I’m the only pathetic parasite
I scrape your wound with fork
It’s me so pathetic … the drugs makes me fanatic
It’s me parasite … don’t you ever exist before my sight
-[ para…site ]-
I believe one day before I get bored to stay
you’ll see me in forgiveness…God…
You can’t count anyone except yourself
the only thing to fear is just fear it self
major pain in the ass...
always makin’ the mess
Are you happy as human race ?.


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