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Letting You Go, Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi

Lirik Lagu Letting You Go

It ain’t no fun lying down to sleep
& there ain’t no secrets left for me to keep
I wish the stars up in the sky
Would all just call in sick
& the clouds would take the moon out
On some one-way trip

I drove all night down streets that wouldn’t bend
But somehow they drove me back here once again
To the place I lost at love...
and the place I lost my soul
I wish I’d just burn down this place that we called home
It would all have been so easy
If you’d only made me cry
& told me how you’re leaving me
To some organ grinder’s lullaby

It’s hard...
so hard – it’s tearing out my heart
It’s hard letting you go

Now the sky...
it shines a different kind of blue
& the neighbor’s dog don’t bark like he used to
Well – me...
these days
I just miss you – it’s the nights that I go insane
Unless you’re coming back for me
That’s one thing I know that won’t change

It’s hard...
so hard – it’s tearing out my heart
It’s hard letting you go

Now some tarot card shark said I’ll draw you a heart
& we’ll find you somebody else new
But I’ve made my last trip to those carnival lips
When I bet all that I had on you

It’s hard...
it’s hard...
it’s hard...
so hard
It’s hard letting you go
It’s hard...
so hard...
it’s tearing out my heart
But it’s hard letting you go


Bon Jovi

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