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Streers Of Love, Rolling Stones

Rolling Stones

Chord Gitar Streers Of Love


     C         Em7       Em        F E|---------0---------0---------0--------1---| B|-------1-----------------------------1----| G|-----0-----------0------------------2-----| D|---------------0-----------2-------3------| A|---3---------2-----------2--------3-------| E|-----------------------0---------1--------| Verse:

       C                    Em7
You’re awful bright...
you’re awful smart
  Em             F
I must admit you broke my heart
    C              Em7
The awful truth is really sad
  Em               F
I must admit I was awful bad

      C                G
While lovers laugh and music plays
  Am               G
I stumble by and I hide my pain
    F                   G
The lights are lit...
the moon is gone
  F                      G
I think I’ve crossed the Rubicon


C  G          Am
I walk the streets of love
and they’re full of tears
    C  G          Am
& I...
I walk the streets of love
and they’re full of fears.

Rolling Stones

Lirik Lagu Rolling Stones - Streers Of Love ini adalah sepenuhnya hak cipta dan milik Rolling Stones. Lirik Lagu Streers Of Love di disediakan sebagai apresiasi, rasa cinta dan dukungan terhadap Rolling Stones. tidak menyimpan download mp3, jika teman-teman menemukan link mp3 ilegal, harap melaporkan ke Streers Of Love. Jika teman-temen suka dengan lagu ini silakan memiliki lagu ini dengan membeli nada sambung, ringtone, kaset, CD original di toko musik terdekat.

Lirik Lagu Rolling Stones Lengkap

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