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My Sacrifice, Creed


Chord Gitar My Sacrifice

[[D]]hello my friend we meet again its been a while where shoud
we[[B]] begin ? [[G]]feels like forever [[D]]well in my hart a memory...
perfeet love that that you gave to[[B]] me! O[[G]]h I remember

[[G]]When you are w[[D]]ith me...
I[[Asus2]] am free...
I am c[[B]]areless...
I bel[[G]]ieve
above all the o[[D]]thers with [[Asus2]]life this brings t[[B]]ears
to my e[[G]]yes...
my sacr[[D]]ifice

[[D]]We’ve seen our share of up and downs Oh...
quickly life can turn a[[B]]round...
in an [[G]]instant
[[D]]it feels good to reunite...
within yourself and
within your m[[B]]ind...
lets find p[[G]]eace there

i[[D]] just want to [[D]]say hello again -[x2]-

then go to the chorus but don’t use distortion then choruswith distortion.


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