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Burning Star, Gigi


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Judul Lagu: Burning Star
Penyanyi: Gigi
Format: MPEG Audio Stream/mp3
Size: 3,521 KB
Nama file: Gigi - Burning Star.mp3

Lirik Lagu Burning Star

Turning all the night time
You should be done these days
Don’t let your feeling lonely
You just try to getting star
You’ll be leaving all these life
They might think you?re crazy
You just the way you are
Why are people crying
They cry about this world
& you just still do not know
What you could do for them
Please just walk down the street
Why don’t you make it easy
Don’t let you mass your brain
You can’t change this world oh baby
But you can change your life oh darling
& everybody will know baby
You’re the burning star.


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