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All For Love, Color Me Bad

Color Me Bad

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Judul Lagu: All For Love
Penyanyi: Color Me Bad
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Lirik Lagu All For Love

Color Me Badd – All For Love 

Im so glad youre my girl
Ill do anything for you
Call you every night
& give you flowers to
I thank the lord for you
& think about you all the time
I ask him everyday
That youll for-ever be mine

I wanna hold your hand
To show you Ill be there
I like to do the things
That let you know I care
I sing this lullaby
cause girl you fill me full
I look into your eyes
Youre so beautiful


Oh girl I think I love ya
Im always thinkin of ya
I want ch-ya to know I do all for love
I love it when were together
Girl I need you forever
& want you to know I do it all for love

I will never leave you sugar
This I guarantee
I look in to the future
I see you and me
Knight in shining armor
I will be your fairy tale
I wanna take care of you
Ill serve you well.

I will be there for ya
To catch you when you fall
Ill hold you in my arms
Thats where you belong
I sing this lullaby
cause girl you fill me full
I look in to your eyes
Youre so beautiful…beautiful…yeah!


Yo-come here sweetheart
I want you to know something all right
See everyday in my life without you
Is like a hundred years
The distance between us
An ocean of tears
See all the things I do for you
Are for love dig it

All for lovin -[all for love]-
All for you -[you]-
All for lovin you…you…you…you
Repeat chorus


Color Me Bad

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