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The Saddest Song, The Ataris

Chord Gitar The Saddest Song

Bb   G   F  Eb

Bb             G                F
Only two more days...
until your birthday
Yesterday was mine
You’ll be turning five
I know what it’s like...
growing up without your father in your life

G        F       Bb        Eb
So I pretend...
I’m doing all I can
G     F               Eb
& I hope someday you’ll find it in your heart
G       F
To understand
Bb       Eb
Why I’m not around
G                        F             Eb
& forgive me for not being in your life

I remember waiting
For you to come
Remember waiting
For you to call
F                        Eb
Remember waiting there to find nothing at all
I remember waiting
For you to come
Remember waiting
For you to call
Waiting there to find nothing at all

Bb      G
Maybe someday
you really get to know me
not just the letters read to you
I pray I get the chance
To make it up to you
We got a lot of catching up to do.

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