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Lying from You, Linkin Park

Linkin Park

Lirik Lagu Lying from You


when i pretend
everything is what i want it to be
i look exactly like what you had always wanted to see
when i pretend
i can forget about the criminal i am
stealing second after second just cause i know i can / but
i can’t pretend this is the way it will stay / i’m just
trying to bend the truth
i can’t pretend i’m who you want me to be
so i’m
lying my way from you

[[no / no turning back now]]
i wanna be pushed aside
so let me go
[[no / no turning back now]]
let me take back my life
i’d rather be all alone
[[no turning back now]]
anywhere on my own
cause i can see
[[no / no turning back now]]
the very worst part of you
is me

i remember what they taught to me
remember condescending talk of who i ought to be
remember listening to all of that and this again
so i pretended up a person who was fitting in
and now you think this person really is me and i’m
[[trying to bend the truth]]
but the more i push
the more i’m pulling away
’cause i’m

lying my way from you

this isn’t what i wanted to be
i never thought that what i said
would have you running from me
like this

the very worst part of you
the very worst part of you
is me


Linkin Park

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